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Inside the zorbing ball there are equipped with the safety belt, the goods bag and the shoes bag and so on.

One or two persons can play at same time. The players will be fixed in the inner ball and it is safe and comfortable.

  • It can not be used for children less than 8 years old zorbing ball
  • If no parents present, children should not play zorbing ball
  • Player more than 187lbs, need a special custom zorbing ball
  • If there is a person inside of a zorbing ball,please do not take the air out
  • Please make sure give the air to zorbing ball first , after that, you can get in.
  • Never leave the bumper under the directly sunshine more than 10 minutes
  • During the past 12 months if you had a major surgery, please do not play
  • Take a break moderately during play
  • If you are pregnant, you can not play zorbing ball
  • Sharp object forbid during play the game
  • You can not play zorbing ball when you are drunk