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The advantages and disadvantages of play zorb ball

The zorb ball has been popular in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, Italy,Switzerland, which is more than 20 countries and regions. However,as a ball game, play zorb ball still has advantages and disadvantages. Today, I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of zorb ball.

First of all, the reason why it is popular in the world is that zorb ball is much safer than other ball games. This is its greatest advantage. Zorb ball can reduce the vibration effectively. So passengers don’t worry about getting hurt during in the zorb ball. In addition,zorb ball can meet the needs of many people playing together. When you are in the zorb ball and your friends are running in front of you,then you begin to slide off the high grass. If your friends run too slow, they will be overwhelmed by the ball.It is no doubt that zorb ball is very interesting and exciting!

Second,Although zorb ball has advantages,it also has disadvantages.The disadvantage is that zorb ball require a enough big field to play.If the field is too small or rough,zorb ball can’t show its real charm.Moreover,passengers may appear dizziness,headache phenomenon after taking the ball.

As far as I am concerned, I think zorb ball has more advantages than disadvantages.