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Zorbing is a recreational sport.


Zorbing is a sport in which people roll inside an enclosed plastic ball that is transparent. It is a recreational sport and can be done on water, level ground or a gentle slope. A zorb ball is thus used for this kind of sport and it comes in different forms depending on the kind of activity being undertaken. Zorb balls can be used individually or by more than one person inside. A zorb ball has a double section with one ball inside the other insulated by a layer of air in between the two layers.

Zorb balls can be colored, colored with dots, soccer zorb balls, body zorb balls or just clear. These zorb balls are designed with regard to the experience an individual would wish to have. Zorbing as a sport can be done indoors, outdoors or even as an extreme sport. The first time this sport was played was in 1994 in Rotorua, New Zealand.

As much care is taken to ensure the safety of individuals inside a zorb ball, accidents are prone to happen either through bruising or tripping while rolling. Cases of unconsciousness or even worse drowning can be witnessed due to lack of air while enclosed inside a zorb ball. Thus the longest one should go with a zorb ball is half a mile to reduce potential accidents.