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Zorb Ball

The New And Exciting Sport Of Zorb Ball
The amazing Zorb Ball is nowadays becoming a popular and new extreme campaign following bungee jumping and mountain-climbing. It is the latest craze in the adventure experience. It is made of a high quality durable ball that offers an incredible and safe thrill. It originated from New Zealand and is becoming popular among American and European. There are 2 types of Zorb ball where one is used to play on the earth while the other is used on water.


You can play Zorb ball in the snowfield, glass, sand or even on the hillside. The ball is widely available in the aquatic parks, tourist spots, children’s amusing parks and skiing parks. Zorbing is the activity of rolling in giant inflatable Zorb ball also referred to as, “globe riding. It is definitely a fun activity that you will enjoy. The zorb is made of flexible plastic which is transparent. It is inflated with air that provides cushion for the rider as he rolls down the hill. It is made of two layers of plastic, the inside layer and the outer layer, with air in between them. You may ride in one on a flat surface or down a gentle slope.