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Origine of Zorbing Ball

Zorbing originated in the late 1990s in New Zealand, is the world’s most exciting and safest participatory recreation projects. The occupant is secured to the inner sphere of safety equipment, down slightly from the slope, straight and flat lawn roll. Today, the track has been extended from its rolling meadows birthplace of New Zealand to more than 20 countries and regions, Australia, USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Japan, China and so on. Currently the world’s longest Zorb site in New Zealand also, the whole more than 700 meters, the ball rolled down from the top of the hill to the end in 1 minute.
Zorbing is a double-walled plastic ball, allowing the player to get the rebound and the thrill of speed, repeatedly hit the ground at the same time get full protection.
As to whether it is a lot of fun, of course, young people love it more than crazy grandmother. The first few times, especially exciting, but want to get more fun, you need to play constantly changing locations and methods. Imagine the thrill of bouncing down the mountain Kilimanjaro now!
Between the Akers brothers, the most trick is older brother David, he was responsible for the development of continuous improvement Zorb Ball features, fantasy, or experiment more fun Zorbing law.
He said: “I told the staff most often rambled sitting together with ideas: dishwater, water paint ball Riga, both man Zorb even dropped out of a plane Haha, of course, it does not work, but we is trying to get the ball to land on the small waterfall! there naked defenseless people like to roll into the Zorb ball, particularly girls from New Zealand to Sweden and Israel. ”
Zorb Ball also have other alternative uses. US grand theater like nature put Zorbing Burning Man into the show, the night of the wilderness, Zorb Ball flashed a dazzling, the United States painfully suffocate. Reporters in the ball rolling upside down, make a variety of actions in violation of gravity, while the grass, while the sky, while skyscrapers, thinking that this is indeed very suitable for modern dance performances. Andrew said: “If the show is very fun, very creative, we will want to participate.”