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Zorbing ball is like an expressive art

Zorbing also known as globe-riding is the act of rolling downhill using a plastic-made, transparent Zorbing ball. If you want to experience the unknown, try out the zorbing ball, you will have the ride of your life. Just standing back and having a look at it, it is double sectioned with both the outer and inner ball and they exist in various kinds, which includes;


  • · Clear Zorb ball
  • · Color Zorb ball
  • · Colour Dot Zorb ball
  • · Glow Zorb ball
  • · Nuclear Zorb ball
  • · Soccer Zorb ball
  • · Body Zorb
  • · Festival Zorb Ball


Note! You can choose any according to your personality and spirits; you are still going to enjoy it either way.

Did you know that Zorbing can be done on water too? Not as scary as the downhill one, it is also known as �water walking’. It is going to be an awesome ride, so long as the ball is properly inflated and the rider is properly sealed inside. The two types of zorbing balls include;

Harnessed: This type of ball is constructed for one to two riders.

Non-harnessed: Constructed for up to three riders.

Zorbing is like an expressive art, if you have never tried it then maybe you should consider adding it on your bucket list. Experience the exciting and scary thrill of your life before it is too late for you.